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Chris Brown debate: ‘It’s time to move on’

By River Reporter Mar 1, 2012

Who are we to judge if a victim wants to forgive her abuser and give him another chance?

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At the tender age of 19, when we are all still very young and impressionable, we make mistakes, sometimes dire ones with severe consequences.

Hell, even now we still make mistakes we regret. But where would we be if the people we hurt or wronged didn’t forgive and allow us a second chance?

When the horrifying images of an abused Rihanna came out, Chris Brown was criticised severely and his career suffered for it. Since then, he has repaid his debt to society and has grown up from being an immature and cocky teenager to a man who just wants his career back.

When Rihanna chose to collaborate with him, all I heard was how stupid she was for forgiving him and that she truly must be crazy. But who are we to judge if a victim wants to forgive her abuser and give him another chance? If Rihanna can forgive, then so should we.

‘It’s hypocritical’

People are also demanding a ban on his music and want to prevent him from performing live again. It’s hypocritical for society to demand the industry ban Chris Brown when other high profile “wife beaters” get to move on with their lives and find success.

Actors like Sean Penn have been accused of domestic violence, yet the public did not call for him to be banned from Hollywood, and he has gone on to win an Oscar.

And let’s not forget Christian Bale, who was allegedly violent to his own mother and sister. It seems like society chooses who to forgive and forget.

At the end of the day, these celebrities were allowed to move on, find success and still be popular with society, yet Chris Brown is still being crucified. People question if he is truly sorry or if he’s just sorry he got caught. Despite his big headed actions such as the “OOPS” pendant, how do we know how he feels?

Yes, he battered a woman and there is no excuse for it but I would not want to be in a society that does not give people the chance to learn and grow from their mistakes. I believe that we should forgive Chris Brown and let his past stay there, because he has learnt from his mistakes like we all do. He should be able to move on with his life.

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