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Slim Kingston discussion: This is not fair

By River Reporter Nov 24, 2011

By Hannah Turk

I think the news about New Look is both crazy and upsetting.

As an avid shopper in the store and in its plus-size sections I think there are many reasons why these kinds of specialised clothing are important for women who are often only a little over the national average size 16.

Fashion has always been seen as a size-ist industry and has received controversial and negative publicity because of this.

So it should particularly apply to high street fashion, which is meant for the mass market and everyday consumer.

We in the demographic of the large but fashionable woman want style in our size, which really is not too much to ask.

Losing specialised sections like the one in New Look leaves us only with shops aimed at the mature plus-size lady, and I am 40 years early for that.
The problem with this situation does not lie solely with plus-size women, but tall and slim women too.

The tall section provides the extra length that is hard to find in shops or online.

And let’s face it, unless you’re a fashion student I wouldn’t recommend trying to add an extra foot to your new pair of chinos anytime soon.  

I think the reason why New Look, and other retailers, may be losing business is because there is a taboo around buying clothes from these sections.

Most women are insecure about their body, particularly with today’s sexualised media coverage, and buying clothes with a plus-size label means facing up to the fact that you are not skinny.

However what these retailers must realise and promote, is that clothes made for these types of shape and size are designed to enhance them. And people who know their body shape is a bit different will always want to try on clothes before they buy them.

Plus-size clothes are designed to accentuate the good areas and cover the ones we are unhappy about, and we should all be embracing this as a positive thing. We all deserve to feel good about our looks.

I hope New Look come to their senses and bring the plus size back, or that another brand steps up soon.

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