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TOWIE sumo suits and spa days

By River Reporter Oct 22, 2012

Sumo wrestling, spa days and christenings on this week’s TOWIE.

Amy Rosoman

Episode seven, series seven and there is more drama from Mario and Lucy in The Only Way Is Essex.

Big Mark is helping Arg to slim down, Sam and Joey move in together, Chloe finds a nice guy, and Lucy and Mario have yet another argument.

While Arg is running in the park he bumps into Joey and Kirk who tease him with their chicken and chips. Chloe tells Lauren Pope and Diags that she has her eye on her DJ teacher Darrell and Joey moves in with Sam. Joey and Sam have been having arguments since moving in together and have not spoken for days.

Ready to wrestle

Mario and Lucy set up a sumo wrestling game as a way for Mario to apologise about the comments he made about Lydia and when Tom K and Lydia arrive everyone has a laugh and all is forgotten.

Billi and Cara pick out dresses for their christening, but because Cara is still in pain from her operation, Billi tries Cara’s dress on too and decides she wants it for herself (cheeky).

Chloe gets to perform on the decks with DJ Darrel to some of her friends on a night out and Arg tries to convince a pretty blonde he will be the next Jason Donovan (good luck with that one Arg).

Diags tells Gemma that Arg still has feelings for her. Arg interrupts to talk to Gemma and tells her that he could have her whenever he wants. The pair leave together, but whether or not Gemma just dropped him home is unknown.

Not sticking around

Arg and Jasmine meet up, but when he is introduced to her family and is interrogated by her dad, he makes a run for it.

Kirk and Joey bump in to Lydia and Lucy on their spa day and join the girls in the Jacuzzi. An innocent text from Lydia to Tom K results in Mario arguing with Lucy on the phone. Will they ever stop with the drama?

Don’t miss the next TOWIE, Wednesday October 24 at 10pm on ITV2.

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