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Unprotected sex is an active choice to spread disease and risk your health

By River Reporter Feb 14, 2013

If you like it then you should put a hat on it – Britain riddled with STIs.

Sofia Capel

Health week is here so a lot of emphasis is being put on eating fruits, getting sleep and working out. A run in the park will make your heart beat faster and your legs stronger, but what can we do to look after our most precious body parts? I’m talking, of course, of the health down there.

In 2012 sexually transmitted infections became more common in Britain than ever before. A new study showed nearly half a million new cases of STIs reported from sex medicine clinics, with 427,000 being recorded from England alone. Britain, you are riddled. And frankly, it’s disgusting.

And it’s not just the dribbling, itchy, red and sore genitals that I find gross, but the fact that people don’t bother to look after themselves better. Have these people not seen the movie Kids?  Does anyone remember the 90s and the never-ending AIDS charity galas? Does the fact that the plague of our century is transmitted through unsafe sex not concern more people?

You have a choice

Among the STIs Chlamydia is the most common one with 190,000 cases last year. Gonorrhoea rose by an alarming 25 per cent in England and Herpes, which is a real bastard in the way that it never goes away properly once you’ve caught it, rose with 31,000 cases. Of the 5,600 people who last year were infected with the HIV virus, sometimes repulsively referred to as “the gay plague”, nearly half of them got it through having intercourse with someone of the opposite sex. 

But STIs are not like a cold or cancer; you can actually choose to prevent them. Just stick some rubber on your or your lover’s willy and you’re safe. We are talking rubber thinner than 1mm, but still too many young (and old) people do not bother with it. The most common excuse is: “It takes the good feeling away.” If that is your opinion, than ask yourself this: Is the feeling of genital warts good? Or do you think you will enjoy a stinging penis? Is losing your ability to have children due to untreated chlamydia a nice feeling?

Irresponsible behaviour

When you choose to copulate with someone without a condom you are not only putting yourself or your loved one at risk, you are spreading disease through germs that could kill someone or destroy their life. Last but not least: your irresponsible behaviour is an offence to those who had to watch AIDS- infected loved ones lie and scream in agony, losing their sanity, having skin falling off as they slowly faded away in their hospital bed.

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