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Vice President of Activities at KU performs Live at Penrhyn Road Foodstore

By River Reporter Nov 10, 2013

 A KU music graduate performed live in the Foodstore for the first time on November 8, with his band The Lucky Numbers.

Will Franden, 22, bassist of The Lucky Numbers and vice president of student activities at the Student Union played at the Bonfire Bonanza.

“Our band met at Kingston and we have been playing together ever since. We all studied music at the university,” said Will.

The band played alongside Sound Machine and Desolation Angels. They normally perfom at the Student Union, but decided the Foodstore venue would create a better rapport with the audience.

Proud family

Parents of Will, Mary Ann and Michael Franden came from the United States for his graduation and thought the band performances were a plus.

His father said: “We were very excited that he was able to play. We didn’t know that he was going to do this while we were here.”

Will has been playing music since he was nine. He had played sports and studied science but music was his best subject. His sister Emily said: “Music has been his whole life.”

Mrs Franden said: “We were happy that he found something that he really enjoyed; we wanted him to be happy. We let him explore a lot of different opportunities and music was one that he stuck with.”

Will's girlfriend, Timea Kalmar, said: “I have been warned that there’s music time and then there is Timea time."

Hard work and sleepless nights

Will came to study abroad for one semester at Kingston as an international student and liked it so much that he stayed and finished his degree. 

Will said it was tough balancing music and work: “I work long hours at the Student Union and then practise my music for three or four hours. I just don’t sleep; it takes a lot of balancing and sleepless nights.”

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