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Sex with an Ex: Dos and Don’ts

By River Reporter Nov 22, 2012

Sometimes having sex with an ex is a bit complicated. Here are some simple Dos and Don’ts that will help avoid disapointments.

Don’t forget to meet other people  
– As much as you may enjoy sex with your ex, there is a reason why he/she is your ex. Sex with them should just be a pit stop on the way to your dating future, not a reason for you to get stuck in dating limbo.
Don’t bring up the past
– Let your history remain in the past. Don’t rehash what went wrong or you might lose your new friend with benefits, when he/she gets annoyed or defensive with the blame game.
Protect yourself
– Most importantly, she/he is not your partner anymore and you have no idea who else they have been sleeping with, nor does he or she have any obligation to tell you. So stay safe and always use protection.
Avoid sleepovers
– It might be easier to just lie there after you’ve done the deed, but you’re setting yourself up for a potential mess by staying over. Sleepovers are for relationships, not exes who are now friends with benefits. Next thing you know, they will be cooking you breakfast and the two of you will be shopping for furniture. When you’re done doing the deed and you’ve cleaned up, get the hell out.
Make your intentions clear
– Let him or her know you are not under any circumstances interested in getting back together with her and you are only looking for a little fun. In fact, you may even want to drop hints about dating other women so that it’s plainly obvious you’re only interested in sex.
Source: AskMen

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