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Cyclist rushed to hospital following accident in Kingston

By River Reporter Feb 19, 2013

A cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries in a car accident on London Road in Kingston on Tuesday. 

James Garwood & Laura Rietz

A cyclist suffered severe injuries and was rushed to hospital after colliding with a car on the corner of London Road and Birkenhead Avenue on Monday. 

The victim, in his 50s, was taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting.

“The Air Ambulance is en route to attend a man who is thought to have life threatening injuries,” an ambulance spokeswoman had said earlier.

Some of Asda’s sale assistants ran outside when they heard the crash. 

The police, London Ambulance Service and TFL traffic coordinators were on the scene immediately, closing London Road between Norbiton Church and Gordon Road.

The traffic was diverted to Cambridge Road and Coombe Road. By lunchtime officers left the scene and London Road was opened again.  

There was no immediate information about the driver of the car or the cause of the accident. 

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