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Dead Fox gave Seething Wells girl intestinal parasites

By River Reporter Oct 27, 2011

By Jess Osbaldeston

A Kingston University student has been diagnosed with having intestinal parasites after her drunken flatmates brought the diseased body of a fox back to Seething Wells.

In the incident a fox was dragged to Seething Wells by students, where it was beaten, thrown from a top story window and dumped in a bin.

Painful stomach cramps

An anonymous source close to the student in question told The River, “after the whole fox thing was long over she started feeling ill with really painful stomach cramps, she went completely white whilst out and went to the doctors as they thought it could be appendicitis.

“The doctor told her that she actually had intestinal parasites and then asked if she had been in contact with any animals recently, especially wild ones. That’s when she told the doctor about the fox and realised that’s where she must have got them from, despite her not actually being involved in the incident.”

Professional cleaners were brought in by Seething Wells management after it was revealed that the fox’s presence in the block had caused the girl’s illness.

Two of the students who were directly involved in the incident have been told to leave the halls of residence.

One of the students has already been forced to vacate his room while the other, who was seen walking down the corridor with a blood soaked shirt, has only days left before his eviction.

A resident in the block who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I could hear those involved in the corridor outside saying ‘dude this is fucked up, this is seriously fucked up’ then I heard another voice say ‘oh my god it’s looking at me! Kick it in the head!’ which made me think at the time it was alive but seemingly it was actually dead.”

Further students have come forward since The River  reported on the story earlier this month, claiming that the fox was in fact dead when it was brought back to the block where the abuse took place.

Completely lifeless

One Seething Wells resident said: “I’m not sure what made them bring it here, but it was definitely dead. They dropped it outside the door to my room and it was completely lifeless.”

Another resident said: “I saw someone dragging the fox from the Seething Wells bus stop and it looked like a ragdoll. It was dead for sure.”

The university refused to provide further comment saying: “the investigation is continuing and we are unable to comment on individual cases.” 

The RSPCA has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

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