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Four men all plead not guilty to killing Jamie Sanderson

By River Reporter Jan 4, 2013

All four defendants deny killing Jamie Sanderson at Oceana Kingston on October 25 2012.

Ryan Rocastle

Brandon Francis 19, Levan Greenfield ,22, Ashley Milne, 22, and Benjamin Onwuma, 20, have all plead not guilty to the murder of Jamie Sanderson, 19, which took place on October 25 2012.

Sanderson, from Southall, was stabbed in Oceana Kingston nightclub and died in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

The defendants appeared at the Old Bailey earlier today and denied the charge. The trial is now scheduled to take place on  June 3 2013.

Sanderson was partying at the popular Kingston nightclub, who originally had their license revoked following the incident, but has since had it back after appealing the decision.

A final verdict on the future of the club will be made later on this year at The Magistrates court.

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