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Kingston Police crack down on rowdy student behaviour

By River Reporter Oct 14, 2011

Operation Target, an initiative to increase police presence and keep students safe, ran for the fourth year running during Freshers’ Week when hundreds of students ventured into Kingston’s bars and clubs.

“The operation seeks to provide reassurance, to reduce people’s fear of crime and where necessary to ensure that if crimes are committed those responsible are identified and dealt with as soon as possible,” a Kingston Police spokeswoman said.

Around 70 police officers patrolled Kingston’s streets on the last night of Freshers’ Week checking mini-cabs for licences and carrying out drugs searches with sniffer dogs. 

Cases of violence were cut by half from the previous year, with no knife or gun crime reported on one of the busiest social nights of the academic calendar.

“We are hopeful that students will recognise that they can have a great time whilst still acting responsibly,” Sergeant Ed McDonough, the event coordinator said.

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