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The Kingston sleepwalker who carries knives and does housework

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

A Kingston first year is sleepwalking, causing terror with his night-time antics.

Ida Aagenaes

A Kingston University student has terrified his flatmates into locking their doors, after he was found sleepwalking around the flat carrying a knife.

First year radiography student Joe Maguire, 19, has been sleepwalking from the age of seven but never had problems with his habit before coming to university.

Joe said: “At home they don’t care. I guess it’s a bit scary if you don’t know about it and just see me walking around at night.”

Frightened flatmates

His flatmates do not take his night time wanderings lightly.

Sam Blank, 19, said: “Honestly it’s terrifying. There are no emotions in his eyes, it’s like he is looking straight through you.

“The scariest was when he started walking around with a knife. Not small knives either but big ones.

“All the kitchen cupboards were opened and all the stuff was on the table. He was scraping the knife on the doors.”

When he moved to Seething Wells, Joe warned his flatmates about his sleepwalking so they would not be too surprised. As he usually performs innocent activities like sweeping the floors, he was surprised when his flatmates told him about the knives.

Joe never remembers sleepwalking and can only rely on what others tell him.


Although he understands his sleepwalking might be frightening for his flatmates, he thinks they are exaggerating when claiming he is “possessed by the devil”.

“It’s never been a problem before really but here it’s a bit annoying when they run away and are like ‘oh here he comes’ when I come out of my room at night to get a drink of water or something.”

He does not feel his sleepwalking is a big problem as it has never been harmful to himself or others.

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