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Kingston student creates ‘bush seat’ to help the community

By River Reporter Apr 6, 2013

After a portable wooden seat was mysteriously placed at a Fairfield South bus station, The River speaks to the man responsible.

Ben Stevens

A Kingston design student dubbed a ‘Banksy wannabe’ has created an inspired solution to the lack of seating space at a Fairfield South bus stop.

On the fence

Dan Jackson, a third year product and furniture design student, built a wooden seat dubbed a ‘bush seat’ which slots onto the fence at a bus stop in Fairfield South providing a comfortable seat for commuters.

When asked what inspired him to design the seat he claimed that it was simply seeing people sitting on the fence while waiting for the bus. Mr Jackson said “It was for anyone who wanted to use it”.

Health and safety

Unfortunately the seat was removed just three days later, it is suspected by the Kingston Council.

Mr Jackson however is not angered by the removal of his bush seat, and when asked about suspicions that the council may have stolen it he stated: “It wasn’t stolen because it was in a public place without permission. It may have been violating health and safety, as in if it had broken with a person on it who takes the blame?”

“What’s the point?”

Aiming to design products that can help people in day-to-day life, Mr Jackson has also created a sock horn to help pensioners who have trouble putting their socks on. He states that if his products did not aid the community in some way, then “what’s the point?”

“The sock horn was a collaborative product with Sophie Both, a third year graphics and photography student, for an organisation called Fixsperts.”

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