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Kingston student handed suspended sentence following belt attack

By River Reporter Mar 30, 2013

A Kingston student was lucky to avoid jail after using his belt in a fight following a night out.

Marc Williams

Joel Boateng and three other friends were making their way to Watford Junction station from Kingston Oceana when they became involved in a fight with two other partygoers.

Boateng then removed his belt and delivered several blows, injuring the victim’s lips and causing bleeding to the mouth and face.

Serious violence

Boateng, an economics student, pleaded guilty to affray and to two counts of causing actual bodily harm at St Albans Crown Court on March 15.

Judge Stephen Warner said: “This was a serious incident of violence in a public place at half past three in the morning.

“Thankfully no members of the public were there. You took off your belt that night and used it to administer a number of blows. People who indulge in this sort of violence can expect to go to prison.”

The first year student had no previous conviction and will now have to pay £100 compensation to each victim and a further £350 in costs.

Extremely remorseful

Boateng will be supervised by a probation officer for 12 months and has an 11pm to 6am curfew.

He has also been banned from any licensed premises for six months following the verdict.

Defence barrister Fedon Kazantizis said: “He is extremely remorseful and is extremely embarrassed. He had not been in trouble before.”

Mr Kazantisiz also said that Boateng is not a heavy drinker but due to the alcohol that he consumed on the night of the fight he has no recollection of the event. 

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