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KU netball team host fancy dress charity tournament

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2013

Ellie Carter

Nine teams of sport and non-sport students in fancy dress filled the netball courts at Kingston University Tolworth sports ground in aid of the Katie Piper Foundation, a charity promoting the awareness of victims suffering burns and scars.

Deserve a better life 

Kingston University Netball Team social secretary Ciara Litchfield, 21, said: “My sister has suffered facial scarring and received support from the charity, we chose this charity as we felt it deserved some support.”

The Katie Piper Foundation charity was launched in 2009 by facial burn victim Katie Piper to raise awareness about victims suffering with burns and scars.

It has also been set in place to help campaign for those with disfigurements to receive specialist treatment and allow them a “better life”.

Personal connection

Alpha Team member, Nicola Litchfield, 16, suffered facial scarring age 10 from a dog attack, she said: “I think events like this make people much more understanding about burns and scars.

“The fancy dress was brilliant, the money raised and everyone’s enthusiastic participation was outstanding.

“I am pleased with the amount raised, it will be a great help and do amazing work.”

Raising hundreds of pounds

The sports that were included were ladies football, cheerleading, ladies and men’s rugby and American football that all paid the £5 wristband fee, entering them into the tournament.

The teams of seven to 10 players entered in “fantastic” fancy dress, from onesies to 118-118 theme, playing from 1pm till 5pm raising £395.30.

Kingston University Netball Team social secretary Louise Henry, 21, said: “Overall the day was a huge success, the turn out was great and the commitment to fancy dress was terrific.

“A massive thank you to everyone who helped out and got involved.”

“Shows how much we can achieve”

Other members of the Kingston University Netball Team helped to raise money by baking cakes to sell on site and trophies were awarded to the winning team, Most Valuable player, Tournament Provider and Best Dressed Team.

The Prancing Cougars won Best Dressed Team with their ‘Sexy and we know it’ theme.

Most Valuable Player and Sports Science student Sam Nowlan, 21, said: “I was amazed to win the Most Valuable Player trophy.

“It was a really good way to get students involved in something fun that was for a good cause.”

Team No.1#sie, K – Cider Knights, Team Alpha and The Prancing Cougars all reached the semi-finals, with K-Cider Knights winning a 2-0 victory over Team No.1#sie.

Social secretary Ms Litchfield, said: “Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the amount raised was a credit to the Uni and shows how much we can achieve when we club together.”

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