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New study shows typical food and drink spend for students

By River Reporter Mar 7, 2013

A typical student spends £20 a week on alcohol compared with only £10 spent on food, according to a new survey.

Jada Guest

The research survey, conducted by Slow Food UK and sent to 10,366 students at universities across the country, also discovered that 74 per cent of students eat only one portion of fresh fruit or vegetables a day.

It also suggested that students are less likely to eat well when they are running short of money.

Sara Freemantle, a third year media student at Kingston, spends around £20 a week on alcohol and more than £40 on food she believes that students spending more money on drinking is not always the case.

Excited first years

“First years are more likely to spend ridiculous amounts on alcohol because they’re excited to be at uni with a loan,” she said.

“I spent more on alcohol than food in the first year but when I got to second year and moved out of halls I stopped. I had other things to spend the money on,” she said.

Joey Harris, a second year history and international relations student at Kingston, admits he spends very little money on food.

“I buy very basic things,” he said. “Tuna, pasta, bread, frozen rubbish and food that’s reduced.”

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