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Student ‘attacked’ at Kingston halls of residence quits university

By River Reporter Feb 21, 2013

A student who was left needing hospital treatment after what she claims was an assault in one of the KU halls of residence decided to quit the University.

Georgina Deacon

The 19-year-old student claims that the University did not do enough for her after she was attacked in the early hours on November 22 last year. She said she was left feeling unsafe – especially as she was sharing a flat with the man who allegedly assaulted her.

She said: “Right now, the people I have the biggest problem with are the University. It was a miscode of conduct from the actual University guidelines, so I don’t see why they are still living there or why the halls of residence or the University didn’t do anything about it.”

Despite her alleged attacker being arrested, he was later released without charge due to lack of evidence.

Police did little to help

The student claims that the police were not very helpful. She said she has not re-opened the case because she is at a new university, has a new focus and wants to move on.  

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited Kingston A&E twice and Chase Farm Hospital, in north London, near her parents’ house and discovered that she had sustained multiple injuries, including a torn ligament in a muscle near her coccyx.

She said: “My thighs, my lower tummy area, my hips were all covered in bruises.

“They said that there was also a possibility of internal injuries because of the tenderness around my stomach and my back.” 

KU respond

A KU spokesperson said: “Kingston University was notified about an allegation of assault at a halls of residence in November 2012. The matter was investigated and staff were satisfied that no disciplinary action was required.

“Following the incident, a female student made a request to be moved to another halls of residence.

She was offered alternative accommodation, but the university was subsequently advised that she had chosen to withdraw from her studies at Kingston University.

“Students are expected to behave considerately at all times and to respect the rights of other students, staff and members of the general public both on and off campus.

“The University takes the safety of students and staff extremely seriously.”  

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