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Video production business founded by KU grad goes big

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2013

Former KU student Oliver Hall has shot straight to the top of the video production business. 

Lucy Brennan

A KU graduate has seen his business turn into a huge success working alongside global giants including British Airways and LinkedIn.

“Off my own back”

Oliver Hall, 26, set up Liquid Productions as an undergraduate aged just 17 and has been lucky enough to see it grow year on year, surviving in a difficult industry with no debts.

He said: “I funded it off my own back and we never took on any debts. We still don’t have any debt.”

Mr Hall started the video production company, based in Leatherhead, while studying geography at Kingston University and used the money to fund living in London.

Family inspiration 

Mr Hall’s inspiration to start his business came from his parent’s background in TV and video production and despite their advice for him to stay out of the “nasty” industry, he followed his dream.

Mr Hall said: “I never liked the idea of working for somebody so I set up the business so that I didn’t have to. I was inspired by my Dad who passed away when I was 17.”

Early ambition

The KU graduate knew that he wanted a career in video production even though he chose to study geography at degree level.

Mr Hall said: “I got to where I am by working hard, knowing what I wanted and reaching for it.”

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