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‘Young people’ happy taking mystery drugs

By River Reporter Mar 15, 2012

By Ellie Pullen

A Guardian/MixMag survey has revealed that a fifth of young drug users, aged between 18-25, have taken a “mystery white powder”.

According to The Guardian, the poll taken by 15,500 people, “reveals the extent of reckless behaviour among a new generation of high-risk drug-takers “.

It was stated as being one of the largest ever surveys on drug use and said that younger drug users are more likely to risk taking unknown substances.

The article claimed: “Respondents who spoke to The Guardian were confident that they could balance drug taking with their careers and relationships, and regarded the side effects of drug use as often no worse than a hangover. 

Over half of the survey respondents were educated to degree level and above.

The full article, titled ‘Truth about young people and drugs’ can be read here.

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