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KUSU issue rallying call ahead of student protest

By River Reporter Nov 12, 2012

Kingston University Students’ Union have urged students to attend a mobilisation meeting this Wednesday ahead of the Educate.Employ.Empower student demonstration on November 21.

The call comes just after a recent report by the Higher Education Policy Institute suggests that the new fee structure will actually cost the government £1billion per year more.

This is despite students now paying up to £9,000 per year, three times more than they were before the policy was brought in.

“Students didn’t cause the economic crisis so why are we paying for it?” say KUSU fliers promoting the event, which will be held at 5pm on Wednesday in JG0001, Penrhyn Road campus.

“Massive cuts loom over our university, students are now paying 9k fees, our education is being commodified,” says the flier. 

Speakers at the rally will include Simon Choat of KU’s University and College Union, KUSU president Sean Kelly and Jamie Woodcock from the NUS’s National Executive Committee. 

The Education Activist Network will be chairing the event, which will be used to discuss ideas and strategies for the protest, known on Twitter as #demo2012, which is one week later.

Students who are unable to make it to the meeting can also meet up with fellow protesters for the march at 10am at Kingston train station or at Temple tube station at 11am on the day of the protest, Wednesday November 21.

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