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KU men’s badminton team win comfortably against Hertfordshire

By River Reporter Nov 8, 2012

Oscar Cuadras

KU men’s badminton team enjoyed a pleasant evening on Wednesday when they easily dispensed of Hertfordshire University.

In a straight-forward eight matches fixture, Kingston scored six victories against their opponents.

Kingston’s captain, Ollie Richardson, said: “It’s the first time we play them this year, but I did not expect to beat them like that. I thought they might be a little stronger.”


Both singles matches were won by Kingston the easy way; remarkable performances from Yann Hellers and Kesh Naidoo did not allow their opponents to catch a break.

Richardson said: “We lost four important players last year, but this year we have got two very strong single players.”

Hellers finished his opponent winning every set they played; the same went for Naidoo, who scored 21 – 6 then 21 – 7 in the first match and 21-7 then 21 – 3 in the second.


In the doubles matches, the pair led by Richardson enjoyed two easy victories over their rivals. They scored 21 – 10 then 21 – 5 in the first match and 21 – 3 then 21 – 10 in the second.

Once these matches had been played, Kingston had already won the match, so the last doubles defeat did not affect the final outcome.

Nevertheless, the Kingston couple died fighting as they lost their first set with a very tight 20 – 22.

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