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An overview of Kingston’s performance at Varsity

By River Reporter Mar 21, 2013

Kingston lost on the day but what positives can the University sports teams take from it.

Ryan Rocastle

It was mixed day for Kingston at this year’s Varsity losing 61-37 overall. Each team gets awarded three points for a victory and one point for a draw. There were a total of 33 fixtures, with Surrey winning 20, Kingston 12 and there was one tie.

Varsity is the pinnacle for most University sportsmen and women. Despite what you do throughout the season if you score the winning goal in a Varsity fixture against your fiercest rivals then you will be forever remembered. That is why Alexandros Geromoschos will go down as a KU basketball legend for giving the team victory in overtime.

Proud of the Boxing team

To win the first ever boxing Varsity match and to do it in such a convincing style is also a very proud moment for the University.

Elsewhere there were good wins for the indoor cricket team, the women’s football team, who have had a good season, and the women’s hockey team.

Kingston has also done very well in some of the less recognised sports such as jiu jitsu, dance and the highly competitive cheerleading contest.

Room for improvement

However it’s the more mainstream sports such as football, netball and Rugby that Kingston will have to improve on if they want to win a Varsity games.

Last year Kingston lost the Varsity 51-32 so it can be argued that Surrey has got stronger and Kingston slightly weaker. So it’s up to the first and second years to put things right next March. 

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