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Sir Brad’s return to Kingston in August excites Kingston’s cycling society

By River Reporter Feb 18, 2013

Olympic and Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins is to return to the streets of Kingston this summer.

Kaia Tufteland

Some 150 professional cyclists, many of whom rode through the streets of Kingston during the Olympics, will return in August accompanied by amateur cyclists taking part in Ride Classic London. 

The new two-day festival developed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was inspired by Team GB’s success in the London 2012 Olympics.

James Mitchell, KU cycling society president, said: “It seems an exiting prospect and is something that will continue to encourage people to cycle and bring awareness to cycling.”

Hope to enter

The cycling society, which started in September 2012 and now has close to 30 members, has not yet entered any of their members into the race but is keen to do so if possible.

With 10-mile time trials every other Thursday along with 25-mile rides on Sundays, they are in serious training.

“We hope to be able to get people to enter this event, it would be great to see the Cougars racing around the streets of Kingston and London,” Mr Mitchell said.

Safer streets in Kingston

According to Kingston Guardian the race will cut through the north side of Kingston from Richmond Park along Queen’s Road, Kingston Hill, London Road, Cromwell Road, Richmond Road, Sopwith Way, Wood Street, Horse Fair and Kingston Bridge.

The main race will take place on Sunday, August 4 where the amateurs will be cycling between 5.50am and 3pm and the professionals will be on their wheels between 1.15pm to 5.45pm.

Mr Mitchell hopes that the festival will teach drivers and cyclists to repect each other.

“On a daily basis you see drivers being stupid and impatient on the roads. The favourite is pulling alongside a cyclist indicating left off the road. The cyclist has no chance to move and on some occasions ends up under the car.

“Now not all cyclists are innocent but 90 per cent ride safely. Hopefully this event will make Kingston safer,” the cycling president said.

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