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Women’s basketball team win comfortably against Imperial

By River Reporter Jan 31, 2013

KU women’s basketball team ran out comfortable winners in a 69-32 victory over Imperial College in their first match of the year.

Kaia Tufteland

It was an important, if straightforward, victory in the chase for honours with Kingston Cougars only three points adrift of  Royal Holloway in the league.

The teams, playing at Tiffin school, looked rusty after the Christmas break and the first quarter failed to spark into life, both sides earning 10 points.

“We started out rather slowly. We weren’t reaching out potential, but I knew that as the game went a long we would get back to where we belong, to a high scoring game,” Kingston captain Asrina Miah said. 

Number nine

Kingston number nine, Claudia Scanzani, stepped up the pace in the second quarter, scoring two three-pointers in a row, giving the Cougars a 26-16 lead.

“In the second quarter we didn’t score that much apart from number nine. She kept us going, but in the third quarter we brought it back as a team,” the captain said.

Comfortable win

Having a 10- point lead going in to the third quarter the Cougars where eager to show their capability and overran Imperial..

All the Cougars figured on the scoresheet with the total of 19 points in fourth quarter against six points for visitors.

Imperial captain Sarah Khawaja, said: “It was a slightly disappointing outcome for us. We didn’t have our full team, but I think we played hard and the other team was very strong, so I’m happy with how we played.”

The Cougars have a cup game against league leaders Royal Holloway on February 6.

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