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KSA students reflect on their year abroad during Covid-19

Formally known as The Erasmus Programme, established back in 1987, Erasmus+ is a student exchange programme which allowed students in higher education in the European Union (EU) to go and study in another country. Last [more…]

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Mental health: The reality of study abroad

Living abroad and travelling is very glamorised and thanks to social media we only tend to hear of the good rather than the challenges. While Hannah Willson had the opportunity to study for her degree [more…]

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Study abroad students warned not to choose KU

A group of study abroad students attending Kingston University this semester have written to their home universities urging potential students not to enrol in the KU exchange programme after describing their experience at Kingston as [more…]


A look at the past week’s news

A brief look at the highlights of the the past week’s news. By Ida Aagenaes US Election With the US election coming up on November 6, President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney are [more…]