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Miss Peregrine: Bizarre fantasy with plotholes

The search for logic and answer is as wild and confusing as protagonist Jake’s stumbling through a time loop and landing in the year 1943, in the latest from Tim Burton’s cinematic works. Based on Ransom [more…]

The River’s Oscar Predictions 2013

Seth MacFarlene presents the 85th Acadamy Awards on Sunday, February 24. Who will walk away with the big awards of the night? The River makes its predictions. James Garwood On February 24, the best in [more…]


Frankenweenie: Tim Burton’s new film

Frankenweenie stars a boy/scientests that brings his childhood dog back from the dead, to create a frankenstein dog.  Tim Burton’s new gothic fairy tale, Frankenweenie, is a lovely and entertaining story that reflects on friendship [more…]