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  1. As many are aware media outlets will go to any length to sell you a story and make it to the front page. Even if that means twisting the facts and deceiving their readers – however this isn’t something I expected from our very own River! Although, not all media outlets are the same – some such as the Daily Mail are a special kind of stupid. Sadly, to say that with stories such as the above – other media outlets are following in their disgraceful steps.

    These obnoxious media outlets and stories from the likes of Daily Mail hardly deserve a scientific rebuttal. However, having a paper such as the River allow a preposterous piece like this be published – it is vital that sinister deceptions are corrected and made clear to the mass.

    The article is full of personal opinions and is nothing close to being fact based. Firstly, there is no mention of the suffering and torture that Moazzam Begg has had to endure – be it here or in Guantanamo Bay. From being Shackled and hooded to being interrogated and being taken away for years unlawfully.

    Moazzam Begg has experienced a generation of conflict and has been detained under the pretext of suspicion of “terrorism”. However, he has never been convicted of any crime what so ever. In fact, he walked free from Belmarsh prison after seven terrorism-related charges against him were dropped. So, the question must first be asked, is he even an extremist, or what qualifies to being an extremist?

    “Should Kingston University allow guest speakers with extremist views in to speak without being challenged?”

    This clearly shows that the writer was either not present at the event where Moazzam spoke, or she clearly wasn’t listening and too busy thinking of how to make it to the front page. I say this because, there was a questions and answers session which took place and anyone was free to ask questions to the speakers and challenge any “extremist” views.

    The article is full of inconsistencies and false messages that should be thought about very carefully and either retracted or removed all together as it doesn’t show credibility at all.

    I would like to end by saying that not all media outlets are the same. Media outlets must be applauded for posting stories that help educate students and refuse to publish false, despicable and outrageous writings that have the aim of deceiving students by using scaremongering techniques to sell a story. I sincerely hope that the River takes seriously what they publish and that it does not allow absurd articles to be published and more so that it educates its authors.

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