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Lessons learned: Reflections from a third-year university student

By Tahlia Marie Melado Mar 28, 2024
Turning obstacles into opportunities. Credit: Freepik

As we approach the end of our final year at University, it’s time to reflect on the lessons that we’ve learned throughout the years. For many students, this journey has been about more than just academics. It’s also been a time of challenges and lifelong lessons. 

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt throughout my journey is the importance of time management. juggling coursework and personal commitments can be a struggle. I’ve discovered different strategies that stop me from feeling overwhelmed. Such as creating schedules for myself on a spreadsheet, prioritising my tasks in advance which balances stress, or setting aside time for relaxation. Finding balance has been a game-changer. 

Moreover, the university journey has also taught me the importance of resilience as there have been many moments when giving up seemed like the best option for me. Yet, through perseverance and a positive mindset, I have learned to view every obstacle as a stepping stone and proof that I can overcome anything I put my mind to no matter how hard it might seem. 

On top of that, prioritising self-care and mental health has been a vital lesson during my time at University. It becomes very easy for students to forget about the importance of taking care of themselves in the pursuit of academic success. And I’ve come to realise that self-care is very important. Taking time out to practise mindfulness, engage in physical activities such as going for a walk are forms of self-care and are vital when it comes to maintaining your overall mental health. 

Finally, the university experience has taught me the importance of adaptability and taking on change with an open mind. Through this, I’ve developed the skills I will need to live life beyond university walls. Reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned during my third year, I am filled with gratitude because of the opportunities this journey has given me. Each lesson has sculpted me into the person I am today so let this be a sign for any first and second-year students to not give up.

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