Have a look at what's happening in sport this week in Kingston.

Kingston University Sports Fixtures Week Eleven


Kingston Womens 1st vs Roehampton Womens 2nd(13.00)

Portsmouth Mens 2nd vs Kingston Mens 1st (13.00)



Imperial Mens 1stvs Kingston Mens 1st – 14.00 (cup)

Kingston Mens 2nd vs Westminster Mens 1st– 14.00 (cup)

Canterbury CC Mens 3rdvs Kingston Mens 3rd – 14.00 (cup)



Kingston Womens 1st vs London MET 1s

Kingston Mens 1st vs Buckingham New 1st(13.00)



Kingston Mixed 1st vs Buckingham New 1st(14.00)

Kingston Mixed 2nd vs Imperial Mixed 2nd (14.00)


Rugby Union

Kingston Mens 1st vs Arts Mens 1st (14.00)

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