This week's fixtures for Kingston University sports teams.

Kingston University’s Sports Fixtures for Week Two

Here are all the fixtures for Kingston University’s Sport teams this Wednesday February 8.


Men’s football

Buckingham New 3rd – Kingston 1st, 14:00 (League)

Kingston 2nd – Imperial 2nd, 14:00 (League)

Kingston 3rd – Chichester 5th, 14:00 (League)

Kingston 4th – Royal Holloway 2nd, 14:00 (League)


Women’s Hockey

Kingston 1st – Reading 3rd, 13:30 (League)


Men’s Rugby

Kingston 2nd – Portsmouth 3rd, 13:00 (League)


Women’s Netball

Kingston 1st – Brighton 2nd, 13:00 (League)


Mixed Golf

Brunel 1st – Kingston 1st, time n/a (League)

Kingston 2nd – Portsmouth 2nd, 11:30 (League)


Women’s Basketball

Kent 1st – Kingston 1st, time n/a (League)

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