About Us

The River is Kingston University’s student newspaper. Both the print and online publication are primarily written and managed by the third-year journalism students, but contributions from others are always welcomed. 

If you have a story for the team, an enquiry or would like to give us some feedback, get in touch with our editor at editors.river@gmail.com

Unfortunately, the editors email will not be regularly monitored from now on until next academic term when the next River team takes over.

If you do not receive a response from the editors email and the issue is urgent then please email the particular person involved from the email addresses below:

Editor: Steph Spyro

Email: k1700129@kingston.ac.uk or editors.river@gmail.com

Twitter: @stephspyro




Deputy Managing Editor: Millie Turner

Email: k1707953@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @milleturnerrr




News Editor: Matthew Perry

Email: k1630126@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @MattPerry97




News Editor: William Sawyer

Email: k1745490@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @Will_Sawyer17




Feature Editor: Noemi Rodrigues

Email: k1711781@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @_NSRodrigues


Feature Editor: Tracy Winu Landu

Email: k1416536@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @tracylandu



Picture/Visual Editor: Isabella Ruffatti

Email: k1723902@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @isa_ruffatti




Comment Editor: Anthony Milne

Email: k1624729@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @anthonymilne10




Entertainment Editor: Megan Robinson

Email: k1710680@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @MeganRo47995394





Entertainment Editor: Catherine Poole

Email: k1704700@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @catherinepooole



Sports Editor: Lucie Skorvagova

Email: k1733793@kingaton.ac.uk





Chief Sub-Editor: Aimee Miller

Email: k1602559@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @Miller_AimeeL




Chief Layout Editor: Nicole Pihan

Email: k1724057@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @NicolePihan




Social Media Editor: Sam Mildenhall

Email: k1821098@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @SamTWUK


Multimedia Editor: Chloe Wright

Email: k1710680@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @_chloewright_x


Multimedia Editor: Sarangi Sharmila Anand

Email: k1618695@kingston.ac.uk

Twitter: @SarangiAnand