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Made in Chelsea Francis Boulle talks to The River

By River Reporter Dec 6, 2012

Alexia Ganotaki
Known as one of the ‘lost bois’ along with Oliver Proudlock and Jamie Laing because, like Peter Pan’s bands of misfits, “they never grow up”, 24-year-old Francis Boulle has mastered the art of success in almost everything he does.
Made in Chelsea’s slightly geeky, but charming diamond mining heir skateboards around SW3, caused a storm in Westminster and has published a handbook for life.
“Capitalism makes you beautiful,” says Francis Boulle. “Everyone can do it. Nothing is stopping you.”
Work hard
He said you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and give it all you’ve got.
“I was never given a penny. I was cut off when I was 16. You have to work hard. Nothing was handed to me. I’ve always been driven,” he said.
Francis shares his golden knowledge in his witty self-help guide, Boulle’s Jewels, with advice on business, love, politics and even pets.
“It’s basically an inspirational, satanic lifestyle guide. It’s kind of like truth veiled in humour,” he said.
Francis may seem like a maths nerd as he sits in his Mayfair office running one of his many businesses, but the eligible bachelor has been known to stir things up in the romance department.
Play hard

From stealing a kiss with Harry Potter’s Emma Watson at a polo match to setting up a website where people can rate the attractiveness of their Members of Parliament, Francis plays as hard as he works.

He laughed nervously and said: “I don’t think I was ever a geeky boy, but it is flattering that people think I’m an eligible bachelor.”
While not wanting to comment on any current relationships, he says his ideal date would be going to a play with Friends with benefits’s Mila Kunis.
For now, however, it seems as though he has his eye on sexy new co-star Sophia Sassoon, but fellow ‘lost boi’ Ollie is the first to make a move.
“Well, obviously at the time it was upsetting. You will have to keep watching to find out what happens,” he said.

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