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Wacky gadgets for an unimaginable Christmas

By River Reporter Dec 6, 2012

Felix Spowage

Who does not want to surprise everyone this Christmas with a very special present? Here you have some of the most unusual and surprising devices we have found.

A multi-functioning 11-way pen

A pen, a knife, a fork, a screwdriver, a light, a USB stick, a shaving blade, a clock, a toothbrush, a nail clipper and a pipe: never before has a pen been so entertaining.

On his blog, Croatian inventor Ivan Mavrovic stressed the multi-functionality of The Metapen: “You can save your life. It can be used for scaring thieves and thugs and resolving various life situations in a funny way.”

Fridge magnet for pizza lovers

If you are one of those lazy students who can’ t cook, won’t cook then the pizza ordering fridge magnet is the perfect gadget for you. Coming to the UK next year, the Red Tomato Pizza Company, based in Dubai, has developed a fridge magnet which can order a pizza to your home at the touch of a button.

Robo-bin that catches rubbish

This crazy futuristic gadget will revolutionise student life. A Japanese inventor known as Minokur has, with the help of the Xbox Kinnect, developed a bin that catches your rubbish. It rolls on wheels and has a range of sensors, built into the base of the bin.

When you throw your rubbish into the air, the bin moves to catch it. Check out the ultimate student gadget in all its glory.

The world’s meanest alarm clock

Sleepy students all over the country will be whipping back the covers and jumping out of bed with this alarm clock.

The alarm clock shreds your cash if you do not get up in time.  It has no snooze button and no mercy, so you had better be alive and kicking as soon as you hear it.

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