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Review: Lower Than Atlantis Release New Album ‘Changing Tune’

By River Reporter Oct 5, 2012

It all starts off a bit Hare Krishna and quite trippy with opening track – aptly named – Prologue, but then it kicks off and the music descends into the raucous sawing riffs and frantic bass chugs we all love to hear from the band.

You’ll notice Changing Tune, compared to Far-Q and World Record, givesusasound that has broadened and found new depth. Take – for example – the track Wars With Words, which sounds like a slice of 90s grunge sprinkled with some early Foo Fighters. Or Normally Strange, which kicks you straight up the jaxy with its bass line, before a distorted funky riff comes along to get your head nodding along. It is all very Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age).

Before you start thinking ‘it’s one of those navel-gazing, these-are-my-heroes-so-we-copied-their-tracks type of albums’ what Mike Duce and co. have created here is a homegrown LTA album; they have just grown musically.

It is fantastic to hear a band you love experiment in the studio and still manage to throw out track after blissful track. The whole record is a punk rock classic in the making.

A personal favourite has to be Something Better Came Along, an uplifting track that can only be described as a slice of love-soaked pop rock that has grown out of its emo fringe.

A 17-track album may be a bit long, but in a day where people are talking about value for money, I do not think you can complain about that with a pricetag of £8.

Knowing the LTA faithful like I do, they have all had this on pre-order, but if you are new to the band, I cannot stress how much you should have a listen of this. Go out to your local store and grab a copy, or play it for free on Spotify. I guarantee it will not be disappointing.

Below: Watch Lower Than Atlantis’s Latest Single ‘Love Someone Else’

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