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Live: Pierce The Veil First Ever UK Headline Tour Hits Kingston

By River Reporter Oct 5, 2012

With their own unique slant on post-hardcore, this ‘Mexicore’ quartet took to the stage at The Peel on September 28 and faced a packed room of 250 Banquet Records fans already perspiring at the band’s very presence.

With their third full-length album, Collide With The Sky, released earlier this summer (2012), the band are now working with a formidable set. Although they have risen considerably in profile since 2007, they seemed content to stick with a set comprising mainly of songs from A Flair For The Dramatic.

King For A Day – the debut single on Collide – made an appearance, along with the frenetic Bulls In The Bronx, possibly  the best track they’ve written to date.

But their fans weren’t disappointed as old favorites including Yeah Boy And Doll Face and Bulletproof Love were included in what was a blistering set.

The band remained dead set on giving their best on stage, while at times Vic Fuentes’ voice did lose clarity, there was more than enough good with the performance to not let it ruin the gig.

It was a fast, short and great with few flaws. The only major problem being that maybe the set was too short and fast – a longer and broader show would have just seen the wow factor rise.

Below: Watch Pierce The Veil ‘King For A Day’ Video

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