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Green collaborative: Kingston University and the Union of Kingston Students

By Ida Akerstedt Dec 7, 2015

Kingston University and the Union of Kingston Students have a agreed on a “fantastic new project” that aims to embed sustainability into every student’s learning experience.

The project Responsible Futures is a collaboration between the Students’ Union and the University and will work to embed sustainability in the curriculum and prepare students for the emerging low-carbon economy.

Victoria Truman, marketing and communications manager for the Students’ Union, said: “The Union of Kingston Students is keen to see sustainability at the fore of education and society.

“We are very proud to have just agreed on a fantastic new project in conjunction with Kingston University, Responsible Futures.”

The Sustainability HUB at Kingston University is currently running several schemes for students to contribute to sustainability issues. The schemes include the energy-saving competition ‘Student Switch Off’ in halls of residence, the Green Impact project training which promotes sustainability across campuses and the ‘Whole Earth’ exhibition displayed at Kingston Hill.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “We collaborate with the Students’ Union on Green Impact and will soon launch a joint initiative.

“We welcome students who wish to be more active in this area and would encourage them to get in touch with our sustainability team.”

Kingston University is also “closely following” preparations for The Conference of the Parties on December 21, the COP21, where all nations involved in the climate change negotiation process will meet for the first time.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is leading several campaigns and walk outs in support of the COP21.

The NUS want 80 per cent of fossil fuels to remain in the ground, to keep global temperatures from warming two degrees and a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “We see it as part of the ongoing transition to phase out fossil fuel reliance and introduce renewables.

“As part of the UK commitment to an 80 per cent reduction of carbon dioxide by 2050 the University has set its own carbon reduction targets and we report annually to Government on progress.”

The Union of Kingston Students is not taking part in any COP21 walk outs, but is, however, working on several sustainability campaigns and programmes, said a spokesperson for the Students’ Union.

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