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Handshake, KU’s career network – review

By Halimah Khan Feb 24, 2022
Searching for jobs through handshake. Credit: Halimah Khan

Kingston University partnered up with the career network Handshake in the summer of 2021, allowing students to get a head start on their search for a job.

Handshake is an online site that helps students to find their career paths, connecting them with jobs, internships and placements.

The website is easy to navigate, from signing up to searching for opportunities. Because the university is affiliated it is easy to sign in with your Kingston email.

Students are then able to put in their requirements and desires for a possible job, making it time efficient for a university student’s busy schedule.

When the student is done with the “hard part”, it gets easier as all you have to do is wait for the job alerts that come through to your email.


Although the constant emails from Handshake may fill up your inbox with jobs that don’t interest you, it could also be that among those emails will be jobs that intrigue you.

It takes the stress away from individual students who then don’t have to take time out to search for jobs on a daily basis.

Handshake is a good way to kickstart a career, whether still studying or searching for a job once you have finished university.

Filters at the top of their page help you to specify what you are searching for. The site’s attention to detail allows students to personalise their job search around their needs.

Handshake has an informative Q&A tab, allowing students to ask any career related questions.

People from all types of careers can then advise you on what they think based on their current or past experiences with a similar job.

This career management platform essentially allows students to focus on their education whilst still actively searching for jobs and opportunities.

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