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Kingston’s male basket ball team beat Westminster and avoid relegation

By Tonje Odegard Jan 26, 2015

Kingston women’s volleyball team could not play their match after a mix up of fixtures, but Cougars’ second basketball team secured their first win of the season against Westminster to prevent relegation.

Both teams were expected to play at 8pm but with only one court and two away sides waiting for a match, only one side could play.

Women’s volleyball president, Hanna Sipos, said: “I am very disappointed in how the university deals with its official bookings. This is not the first time.”

The team that played was decided by which referee turned up first, so men’s basketball were lucky to play.

However, because the volleyball referee turned up after basketball had started, Sipos had to pay £20 of her own money to compensate.

The basketball team went on to beat Westminster in a thrilling encounter that was only sealed in the last 10 seconds of the match.

Top scorer and team captain, Jamie Sercombe, said: “I feel great. We played well and the chemistry between the players was good.”

Kingston dominated the first quarter and were in the lead 27-10 going into the second quarter. Sercombe admitted that the Cougars played better in the beginning and should have won more convincingly.

The four first-team players, Sercombe, VP Ezekel Martin, Ben Eager and Eduardo Martinez, were undoubtedly responsible for Kingston’s victory.

First team player Ezekel Martin said before the game: “We were in the danger of being moved down one division. It was a must-win for us.”

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