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Kingston University School of Pharmacy’s new campaign helps students get fit for less

By Suyeba Aslam Dec 11, 2019

Kingston School of Pharmacy is to launch a public health campaign today (Dec 9) to increase physical activity amongst students of the university. 

The campaign, Body Needs Fitness (BNF), will launch with a health fair held at Penrhyn Road, Main Building, Courtyard Room (0063). 

The aim of the campaign is to promote an improvement in lifestyle choices and how to increase your physical activity. 

A spokeswoman for Body Needs Fitness told the River: “We decided to do something about this! We are working with local shops to provide exclusive discounts to students so that they are able to be active around Kingston.”

 The health fair will be open for all at the university, where students can come and get information directly from the Pharmacy School. 

Students will also be able to score prizes such as free gym memberships, free spa days and fitness trackers. Hourly physical challenges like rowing, treadmill, kickboxing, plank and yoga competitions will also be occurring on the day. 

“Participants will receive a limited edition BNF card that gives them access to deep discounts from local businesses,” added the spokeswoman.

Over 300 students are expected to attend the event and students can access the exclusive deals for up to 90 days.

BNF will allow students to get more active by engaging with our university and other local areas such as Nuffield Health Centre and Surbiton Boxing Centre, both of which are one of many sponsors of the campaign. 

Due to the increase in technology, everything has now become available with the simple touch of a button. 

Society is becoming lazier by opting to online shop rather than supporting local businesses. It has had a devastating impact on our health as well as Kingston High Street, according to the Evening Standard. 

 Statistics proven by the National Centre of Biotechnology (NCBI) have said: “Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor of death in the world, killing more than five million people per year. It is estimated 49-69 per cent of students lead a sedentary lifestyle that is associated with negative psychological and physiological effects.” 

 A health clinic will also be available to students where they will be able to get their weight, height, body composition, heart rate and blood pressure checked. 

Followed up by advice from experts and an individual plan about how and where they can increase their physical activity and improve themselves for the better. 

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