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KU student seriously injured by university bus on Penrhyn Road

By Lacey Jones Nov 8, 2017
The scene after the collision

An 18-year old Kingston University (KU) student hit by a KU bus on Penrhyn Road was being treated in hospital on Wednesday (November 8) night for serious head injuries, police have confirmed.

Students watched in horror as paramedics treated the man after he was struck and thrown into the air at approximately 11:30am. Paramedics treated the unnamed teenager on the pavement outside Surrey County Council.

Donatello DeMeo, a 22-year-old economics student who was on the bus, said: “I was on the bus looking at my phone and then heard and felt a very loud thump. I looked up and saw a kid go flying through the air. I left the bus and he was unconscious.”

Another student, Jaymee Rode, 20, said: “It was like something from the TV – people began to notice and crowd round. I saw it from the other side of the road. I didn’t go too close.”

She added: “He was slumped on the pavement and there was a lady over him trying to help and another one the phone, I’m guessing to an ambulance.”

The man was taken to a South London hospital after being treated at the scene for the head injury. It has been confirmed by the London Ambulance Service that it was a Kingston student. His condition is currently unknown.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said officers were called at 11.34 am and were joined by the ambulance service and London’s air ambulance at the scene.

DeMeo said: “I saw a female try to console him and communicate and he was unresponsive.”

A number of students have witnessed the incident, and the university bus service was affected for the rest of the day.

Police also closed off Penrhyn Road from College Roundabout to Surbiton Road to divert traffic.

This news comes two years after KU student Hina Shamim was killed by a speeding driver on the same road. A crossing has recently been built opposite the University to help students cross the road.

Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Amanda Driscoll said: “The driver of the bus was stopped at the scene.” However, no arrest has been made and the investigation is still ongoing.

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