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Kingston University students petition against VP Student Life

By Elizabeth Stromme Jan 23, 2015
VP Student Life, Naveena Satter

A petition has been handed in to the Student’s Union to trigger a vote of no confidence against the VP Student Life.

In December 2014, Kingston University students created the signature campaign to remove Naveena Satter from her role in the Students’ Union, claiming she was not representing the students who had elected her in May.

The petition received over 200 signatures and the supporting evidence attached to the petition said: “The full-time paid role of Vice-President Student Life in Kingston University Students’ Union is one of the most crucial positions, as it deals with an extensive range of student welfare issues ranging from healthcare to financial matters.

“The current officer – Naveena Satter – is failing to fulfil the demands of the position and is thus jeopardizing student welfare and well-being, not to mention valuable KUSU funding on her salary.”

The petition is currently under consideration with the Elections Committee, which will check it against the SU bye laws.

In order for the motion to conform to the bye laws, the committee must find that the provided evidence shows what part of the VP Student Life role Satter has failed to fulfil.

If the motion is accepted, an emergency executive meeting will be called by the SU President, Denza Gonzalves, with a 14 day notice.

For the vote of no confidence to be passed, the motion must receive a 75 per cent majority vote.

Satter has chosen not to comment on the motion against her at this time.

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