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KU students strip to raise funds for their course

By Elena Cherubini Nov 27, 2017
Knapton (left) and Charlie Harland (right) admiring their handy work. Photo: Sammi Cherryman

A group of 19 product and furniture design students posed naked for a calendar to raise money for their course’s final shows.

Tom Knapton, has been overseing the project, alongside Hanna Llewellyn who was the whiz behind the idea.

Knapton, a naturist who described himself as “KU’s unofficial head of nudity”, said: “We got a few cameras, got the workshop to let us all around naked for an hour. It has been a really fun experience for all of us.”

Both male and female students got involved in the calendar which does not show full frontal nudity.

“We decided to crop genitals off with Photoshop,” he said. “People might not want their grandchildren’s genitals hang up on the wall.”

Knapton said the reaction has been quite controversial with some people being shocked and others defining it as “brilliant”.

“My mother was ecstatic when she found out she ordered 12 instantly,” he said.

The 2018 calendar is for sale at £7 each or 2 for £10 and can be purchased at the Knights Park Christmas market.

Knapton organises the market open from December 6-8. Contact him at to book a table.

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