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Migration Watch: Large number of overseas graduates will be taking up low-paid, low-skilled jobs

By Marie Mannes Oct 22, 2019
Graduation Photo: Rex Features

KU students are torn on the new immigration law allowing international students a two-year waiting period to find a job.

The River has previously written about the new visa, which in September, the Government introduced as a new two-year post-study work visa to allow students to find a job after graduation. “It feels good when you think about it,” said first-year digital media student Nikita Protchenko. “Here I have more job opportunities in digital media than in my home country, Latvia”

The changes are welcomed by Feisal Haji, the ex-president of the Kingston International Student Society who said that it is taking the law back to normality. The Home Office decided to reverse the controversial 2012 decision made by then Home Secretary Theresa May which forced overseas students to leave the UK four months after they graduated. Haji said: “She [Theresa May] changed it for a short-term political reason that has hurt a lot of people, and this country. International students are not only an important asset to our education but also our friends and colleagues.”

Students will have the opportunity to apply to whichever workplace they wish to work, no matter their degree. The new law has not come into effect, but it has already proved itself problematic as current students complain that they would not be eligible.“I am disappointed by it,” said Rincy John, 23 MS in pharmaceutical science with management studies. “It is just applicable for students who graduate in 2021 and it’s unfair for current international students pursuing their degree.”John hopes to stay in the UK after she graduates as she believes that she will be an important asset to the country.

A spokesperson for Migration Watch said: “We are opposed to [this law] as we will have a large number of overseas graduates taking up low-paid, low-skilled jobs. This will further encourage universities to sell their courses on the basis of immigration and not education.”

At Kingston, students and staff come from a total of more than 140 countries bringing with them “a diverse range of experiences, expertise and talent,” according to a KU spokesperson. To make sure that all overseas students can have the same opportunities Ashish Tibrewal has created a petition asking the Government to bring forward the date so current students can be eligible. “It would be unfair for current international students to not be given the same opportunities as the 2021 graduates,” said Tibrewal.

Typically, it takes two to six months to find a job after graduating and one of the main reasons students struggle to find a job is due to poor management skills. They do not start the application process early and just start applying after finishing their degree. Currently, international students must find companies that have a tier two sponsorship licence and are able to spend the necessary money and time needed.

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