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New KU fashion society launches

By Serena Khan Oct 4, 2019
Fashion society members

The new fashion society hosted their welcome event to allow students to discuss their ideas at the KU SU bar on Thursday October 3.

The new society is run by a few second-year fashion students in order to pave the way for students to explore their creative paths through fashion. The society was opened for fashion students as well as any other students on Kingston’s campuses.

Carlotta De La Noy, the treasurer of the fashion society said: “We do not want to dictate the space we want people to come together and explore their creativeness.”

A previous fashion society was opened last year but unfortunately was closed in the first few weeks of the academic year.  However, this year the founders are confident that with the support of the KU Union and students, the society will be successful and remain open.

The founders felt like opening the society would help benefit first-year students especially because they wish they had this facility when they were in the first year.

Erin Fairall, president of the society said: “We opened this society because we wished we had this society when we were in our first year.”

Sonia Rai, media officer, also said: “The society was formed to help de-stress, have fun and help each other.”

The society has been opened to allow people to build and connect with other students outside of academic studies. The aim is to encourage other students that are interested in fashion to engage with each other who share similar passions and create fashion pieces whether that be bags, T-shirts and more.

In order to fund the society, the founders are given a budget by the KU Union.

Each month the founders must explain why the money is being used and what the money will be spent on in order to keep the funding running.

Another way that the society will raise money will be through campaigns. The money provided will be used to purchase fashion equipment and materials for the members to work with.

Everyone is welcome to join the fashion society and you can and keep up to date by following them on Instagram: @officialkufashionsociety

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