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KU Entrepreneurs Society team up with eBay-like marketplace

By River Reporter Nov 2, 2012

Via the online platform and mobile app, students can request or offer anything. From finding someone to run your errands and cook you dinners, to offering your own skills as a tutor or driver – the possibilities are endless.   

Tiago Mateus, Commercial Director of Sooqini, said: “Sooqini is the place for selling any skills and making money on an ad-hoc to even full-time basis to get by. Some have earned several £100s in a week while working at their own time.”

Opportunities for society members

Through the partnership with Sooqini, members of the Kingston Entrepreneurs Society are going to have the opportunity to intern with the company and even be mentored by Raj Singh, Sooqini’s founder.

“Kingston Entrepreneurs Society is bridging the gap between students and small to medium sized businesses. These enterprises need talent, and students need experience, we merely provide a platform for both to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship,” said Hassam Mir, the president of the Kingston Entrepreneurs Society.

Sooqini isn’t just for students…

Mr Mateus said Sooqini is not only useful to the average student, but also to those who are starting a business. “For the more enterprising, Sooqini can be used as a one-stop place to source anything you need, from feedback to product testers, to promoters for your business. As you have total control of your budget, it’s extremely useful.”

Sooqini is also collaborating with other universities in London, but was drawn to Kingston University because of its “strong entrepreneurial flair”.

Mr Mateus discussed Sooqini at the technology entrepreneurship event at Kingston on October 31. He said: “The event went very well and students are really hooked on the idea of creating a marketplace at university to save and create money.”

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