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Club crush CCTV released

By River Reporter Nov 2, 2012

CCTV has been released in hope of answers for KU clubber crushed to death.

Zoe Birdsall

Police have released CCTV footage from inside Lava & Ignite nightclub where a Kingston University student was crushed to death, in an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

The incident took place at the Northampton club’s Wickedest Wickedest on October 18 2011 and a year on police officers are still urging the 28 witnesses to come forward.

Images of possible key witnesses released

The video release comes after images of the revellers were released in hope that key witnesses from the night would come forward with some information that could shed light on what happened.

Laurene-Danielle Jackson, 19, was studying criminology at Kingston University when she was crushed to death at the club.

A Northampton University student, Nabila Nanfuka, 22, was also killed in the stampede.

Nobody is in trouble

Northampton police officers, who launched the appeal, have expressed that nobody in the picture and new CCTV video are in trouble.

Detective Inspector Louise Hemingway said: “Many of the people attending Wickedest Wickedest were extremely brave and courageous during the incident, showing huge compassion and support for the people who were injured and helping them to safety.

“Please contact us if you’re in the poster or CCTV clip or recognise anyone – a photo or video can tell us many things but only the people who were there on the night can tell us first hand.”

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