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Students stay app-solutely safe this Christmas

By River Reporter Dec 8, 2011

By Amaly Alfi

A new iPhone app has been created, encouraging students to stay safe without any hassle or difficulties.

Lookout Call is an iPhone-exclusive app and has a free one-week trial period and those who download it before December 31 can also win one of 10 iTunes gift cards from the free prize draw.

Lookout Call sales and marketing Director John Wood said: “We are delighted that we can offer this world-class technology and peace of mind to students.

“At Lookout Call we are keen to do all we can to help Kingston University students stay safe this year and have one less thing to worry about without compromising their independence.”

The handy app runs via the individual updating Lookout Call to show their whereabouts with a time-scale to notify the app how long they intend be at that location, triggerring a countdown.

The countdown can be stopped by the student entering their unique app pin.

However, if the countdown is not stopped, the app automatically calls the student in order to prevent a false alarm from being triggered.

If the alarm is still not deactivated, the app automatically alerts ‘responders’. These are the people who have been nominated by the student.

The ‘responders’ will be notified, even if their phone has no battery, of the students’ location and they can then decide what action needs to be taken.

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