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Problems with SEAtS cause anxiety for students over attendance

By Mihaela Kirilova Feb 10, 2023
student writingDealing with the attendance issue is stressing students out even more. Credit: Craftedbygc/Unsplash

Following the low attendance rates in previous years at Kingston, the University announced in September that it is mandatory for students to attend all in-person timetabled events and if they need to miss one, to explain their reason on the SEAtS app.

Some students, however, said they do not trust the system as some of the card readers do not recognise their ID cards properly and the app does not always work.

“I usually use the app to check in but then it shows me as absent,” said a third-year international student from Jordan.

Another international student from Bangladesh said that this has also happened to him “multiple times”.

SEAtS can also detect if the student is late to a lecture. Credit: Mihaela Kirilova

The reported technical issues with the system mean many students say that their attendance is showing as much lower than it actually is.

For international students, poor attendance risks their visa being taken away.

“This issue affects my experience in university because if my attendance went below 80%, the check-in team might report it to the UKVI and it is possible to reach to a level where they will cancel my student visa and ask me to leave the country in my final year,” said one international student.

A University spokesperson said that anyone can report technical issues and possibly get their app fixed.

“The SEAtS app makes use of Bluetooth technology, so students need to ensure this is enabled on their device.

“If students are unable to log their attendance in a particular room, they can report this at the time of their class using the SEAtS app on their mobile device by selecting ‘add absence’, allowing the University to investigate any issues reported with the devices in the rooms.”

The University aim is to support students so that they can make the most of their time here.

The new system’s purpose is to help students achieve their full potential. Studies have shown a link between low attainment and poor attendance.

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