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Students’ guide to Kingston nightlife

By Ariana Khushal Oct 1, 2015

Starting university is hard. You are moving out of the comfort of your parents home and are faced with the responsibility of being on your own. While some first-year students go on a job-hunt, many prefer the party lifestyle instead.

Kingston is a very attractive and affluent place for Fresher’s to enjoy themselves.  Affordable pubs, clubs and bars are located all around the city center. And, with the array of bars that span the length of the Kingston Riverside, who can resist a pint by the river?

Night clubs

The biggest parties are on their way for this year’s Fresher’s week. The night life in Kingston is buzzing with the two biggest clubs, Pryzm and Hippodrome, hosting special events all week.

“The best local night clubs to visit are Pryzm and Hippodrome. It’s a must go. They do different events for Fresher’s week such as live celebrities entertainment and foam parties that are absolutely amazing, if you get a chance to go make sure you can make it,” said Ashley Samuels, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering-student.



Top DJ’s playing the best music and live performances from the “FUSE ODG” and “SHIFT K3Y” on Monday September 28 and Wednesday September 30. Tickets cost £7.00.



Thursday is the ‘new slang’ night at Hippodrome where the club brings in a variety of bands from international touring bands to some of Kingston finest. The club stays open till 2 am.

On Friday 2 October you can dance away to old “skool” music. The playlist will include club classics like 2pac, shaggy, Sash!, Yomanda, ATB, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, R Kelly, Coolio, P Diddy and many more! Tickets cost £2.00.

Freshers events

If you want to be closer to home and enjoy yourself on the campus grounds there is ample entertainments available to you onsite in the student union bar. However, Fresher’s have special events set up by Kingston University throughout the week.

Postgraduate students are welcome to join the Hollywood Night, with champagne reception and music, on Friday October 2 from 19:30 in Tolworth Court. Tickets are available online and cost £12.50.

On October 4 from 12 am – 3 pm you are welcomed to a Sunday Lunch at The Duke of York Pub in Surbiton. Tickets are available online and cost £10.

Pubs and bars

If you want a great evening out but do not fancy going to any nightclubs why not enjoy two of southwest London premier live band venues. The hottest band nights at the Grey Horse or the Fighting Cocks venues host live bands playing everything from punk, indie, rock, jazz, folk and blues. Whatever your taste in music you are going to find it there. In addition, both of the venues host comedy nights with some of the UKs top comedians.

Recover from a hangover

After a hard week and heavy night of drinking you need to recover. If you feel like a walk to clear your head, Bushy Park is recommended with its historical background from World War 2 . If you do not mind to walk a little further you will find Hampton Court Palace.

“I actually skipped a couple of morning classes in my first year as they weren’t really important at the beginning and because it wasn’t going in my head as I was still too drunk. I would recommend drinking loads of water and have a hot bath or shower it’s amazing,” said Ashley Samuels.


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