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Students ‘shocked’ as Kingston University buildings fall into disrepair

By Jude Currie Nov 23, 2022

Students have been left feeling disgusted after finding the Knights Park toilets in a state of disrepair.  

Reports of dirty floors, bad odours and used sanitary products left on the floor have plagued the toilets at Knights Park.

Concerned student, Kara Symes said: “The stench of faecal matter sometimes drifts out of the women’s toilets into the library.”

Symes has visited repeatedly to see if any improvements had been made but was left “disappointed” and said she was sad to see the condition of the facilities which have not been maintained to an “acceptable standard”.

“The smell when you walk in hits you and the ventilation is very poor making the room feel like a sh***y sauna,” she said.

The men’s toilets in the same building are said to be in a cleaner state, but are still below par. 

Kingston University toilet wall in disrepair. Photo: Jude Currie.

Knights Park is not alone regarding maintenance issues. The lifts in the main building at the Penrhyn Road campus were out of action for weeks after the summer.  “An alternative lift was made available” but was “poorly signposted” with disabled staff and students not being able to attend certain lectures if they could not find the alternative lift. 

Student, Adam Richards who has mobility issues said: “The lifts could have been fixed far sooner.” He added: “The blame of who is responsible for the lifts was passed around by the university and insurance company for weeks.”

The same building has also had issues with leaking ceilings not being fixed for weeks creating both structural issues and slip hazards. 

A Kingston University spokesperson said: “The toilets at Knights Park are checked and cleaned on a regular basis, along with facilities on all campuses, to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

“Kingston University is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible working environment for all students, staff and visitors.”

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