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Students think £50 sports card too expensive

By Synne Johnsson Oct 26, 2017
Student are not satisfied with the £50 sports card. Photo: Åsa H. Aaberge

Kingston students think the £50 sports required be a member of a sports club is too expensive.

In a survey by The River 82.56 per cent of students asked said they think the sports card is too expensive, however 81.98 per cent said they had not been informed what the sports card was for.

First-year Dania Md Alex Irwan said: “I really wanted to join the netball team but the member fee was too expensive, especially for something I consider a hobby,” She was one of the 26.16 per cent who said they did not join a sport because of the fee.

James Sombach, a biomedical science student, dislocated and fractured his elbow during a lacrosse match last year leaving him unable to work at his part-time job. He received no compensation for the money he lost out on for not working.

“I would say it’s definitely not worth the £50 as I lost £300 from not being able to work and the uni were of no help,” he said.

The sports card covers insurance and other costs and lasts for a whole year. Once students have bought the card they can join as many clubs as they like.

Sports clubs have an additional fee of £5 to cover costs as equipment and referees for games.

A spokesperson for the Union of Kingston Students said: “Union of Kingston Students sports clubs are heavily subsidised in comparison to external sports activities, which can range between £30-£50 per month.

“Students participating in BUCS events are covered via their sports card for personal accident insurance with Endsleigh Insurance, 24 weeks of dedicated professional coaching, transport to and from all away matches, specialised equipment, match day kits and referees or officials.”

Women’s lacrosse Vice-Captain Jessica Chewter said: “I actually don’t think it’s very expensive, the cost of damaging equipment and stuff like that, would probably be more expensive.

“I’d rather pay the 50 pounds and be covered. It’s only 50 pounds up front a year, it’s not 700 quid or anything.”

Greg Potts, Captain for men’s football first team, said: “I don’t think it’s too expensive for what we get, for every home game we would spend £40 on a referee, for away games we spend nearly £100 for travel and we also employ a coach from Fulham under 23s.”



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